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Being a good organizer means knowing everything that happens in the market where your project moves, whatever the field.

In professional events, social networks and new applications are sometimes overlooked without thinking that they matter as much as they do in spreading the word about a concert or a festival.

So that you understand the importance of new technologies in your corporate events, we Micro Text have prepared this brief article that will clear up your doubts and put you at ease.

How to use new technologies in your corporate events

A good event organizer is one who is always willing to learn about and try out new technologies that can improve your project.

The biggest challenge lies in making the day of the event unforgettable for the people present. To help you, we have selected five new technologies that can guide you in your next actions.

The power of social networks

It is impossible not to think about social networks when putting different marketing strategies on the table. It is one of the most relevant technologies in the modern world and can make your event a success or a failure.

One of the advantages of social networks is that they allow you to convey your message to a greater number of people, even on LinkedIn -which has a corporate character-, where you can spread the information for a specific niche and attract the attention of new attendees.

In addition, in social networks you can use an organic marketing strategy or pay for sponsored ads, as in Facebook, where millions of people around the world are looking for events with which to enjoy their leisure time.

Sell your tickets online

Most people have already made a habit of buying tickets online for their favourite events. The Internet is one of the great comforts of modern life, so your event should always have the option of selling tickets on the digital platforms where your audience is, such as Facebook or Instagram.

Selling tickets online also allows you to get to know your attendees better with metrics and data that you can control from the Eventbrite organizer profile. By knowing demographics you can fine-tune marketing campaigns and impact the right audience.

Uses Beacon technology

Do you know what “beacon” technology is? It is a device that emits information via bluetooth according to the location of the person and works best in closed environments. For the device to work perfectly, it is necessary that your guest has the bluetooth activated and the application of the event installed.

And how can it be used at your event? Upon entering the venue, the person automatically receives information on their smartphone regarding registration, the event program, the names of the speakers and all the information they need to locate themselves within your event.

The tool is a great ally to approach the attendee and strengthen your brand in the market with a close and technological experience. And remember: it is an excellent resource to create a database with information about the participants.

Crowd Streaming

Unlike traditional “live streaming” – professional live transmission – “crowd streaming” highlights the transmission made exclusively by the participants of the event.

Some companies still have reservations about this tool, as many people do not have the technical skills to make live videos, either because of the quality of the phone or because of their ease in front of the camera. Therefore, select profiles that present those capabilities, that are within your event and willing to disclose your event to those physically and virtually present at the venue.

For the live broadcast to capture people’s interest, the trick is to do exclusive interviews with the guests, show the preparations, statements from the public and from whoever is working on the event. Unsolicited

Make new technologies bring dynamism to your corporate and professional event, and forget the false myth that social networks or technological applications are only useful for concert or leisure event attendees. New technologies are revolutionizing the event scene, use them!