Virtual Reality… The Future is Here

Virtual reality’ is a simulation of some experience through certain technology – generally audiovisual – that tries to recreate with maximum fidelity a real scenario with all the details that exist there.

Imagine that you want to go to the casino one afternoon and play your favorite casino games but for some reason you cannot attend. This is where ‘virtual reality’ comes into play as we are transported to the glamorous atmosphere of a real or live casino.

As it is well known, the change from real casinos to online casinos has been a difficult task for gamblers. For years it has been said that online casinos do not offer the majesty and atmosphere of a live casino; neither the tables, nor the slots, nor even the sounds could come close, perhaps, to the true atmosphere and color of a real casino.

But the major bookmakers refuse to accept this fact and have recently been improving the options for gamblers through various platforms and the use of ‘virtual reality’ technology.

The before and after…

You can trace the history of virtual reality back to the 1990s when Nintendo implemented its Virtual Boy and VFX1, but the technology at the time didn’t promise much and, over time, these devices began to disappear from people’s tastes.

A few decades passed, and by 2016 it seems that things are working better. Recently, Facebook has launched the Oculus Rift, which is a virtual reality helmet with a visor and integrated earphones and designed for video games.

Other companies have done the same and have launched very interesting products such as HTC Vive (from the company HTC Valve), which is a virtual reality eyewear with more than 70 sensors and a screen for each eye.

For its part, Sony has launched the PlayStation VR which is a high-resolution virtual reality viewer, and which also has outputs for connecting to both a video screen and our intelligent television.

Implications of virtual reality in the gaming industry

As you can see, online casinos have gained a lot of ground and are currently outpacing face-to-face casinos. This is due to the comfort, mobility and the reach of being able to play our favorite games practically ‘from where we are’ and only with a good internet connection.

This has led companies to constantly update themselves and today, through virtual reality, we intend to implement this technology to bring bettors their favorite games and try to recreate in a fairly truthful and accurate the experience of a real casino or face to face.

Today, the old and pixelated graphics of the games of yesteryear have been forgotten and a race has been launched to add and implement all possible improvements to the digital games of online casinos.

More than that, the concept of virtual reality gambling has been brought to life and has sought to become a worldwide phenomenon. The slogan seems to be: “Bet through a VR casino and you’ll be transported into the glamorous world of a live casino.”

Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual reality is fun and exciting because, in truth, it is a window into a world of possibilities… Who hasn’t navigated through Google Earth and witnessed those incredible graphics that allow us to locate a point on our huge Earth, a needle in a haystack?

This simulator of our planet has incredible features such as satellite view and street view, for example … But the fun is not all. Virtual reality has countless applications within different sectors of society.

For example, it is used for military practices by training soldiers to respond to dangerous situations. It is also used in fashion shows and through 3D images.

At the same time, it is very often used in the world of sports where it is conveniently used to assist in the performance and technical enhancement of athletes in disciplines ranging from athletics and cycling to skiing and golf.

Finally, virtual reality is also used in areas of education, science and knowledge. The most novel of the moment are the google apps ‘Daydream’ where you can swim with seals, fly into space or even see dinosaurs inhabiting the Earth; or a program called ‘Tilt Brush’ – for Facebook- Oculus Rift that allows you to draw in 3D in space.